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Andy Curry: Instant Media Sensation

Best known for turning people into bestselling authors. Founded in 2005, your internet exposure and Curry’s expertise are a winning combination.  Candidly, Curry explains that being a published author is not nearly as impressive as it used to be.  Rather, being a bestselling author creates exclusive opportunities open only to the Elite in your market.  Being a bestselling author leaves zero doubt in the customer’s mind of who the leader of the pack is.  Being a bestseller is the ultimate marketing tactic because it makes you the obvious choice.  IMS distributes consumer and business books under IMS, Grizzly Marketing, Greenco, and Andy Curry.


Instant Media Sensation’s revenues are not available as it is privately held.  Like many businesses, in 2008 revenues were down but did bounce back up over time. Revenues are expected to grow approximately 23% annually as more people are flocking to IMS for help with becoming bestselling authors.

Internal Organization

In 2014 IMS pushed a number of new imprints, including participating in the Business Mavericks series and Local Trendsetters series.  At the tail end of 2015, IMS is also supporting multiple series books in law education for consumers whose families are experiencing legal troubles.  IMS is also publishing health-related books as the market moves heavily in that direction.  This is apropos sales are down in the international and American market in 2014 with regards to adult and children’s books.


In 2015, digital content sales represent a high percentage of IMS revenue.  CEO and president Andy Curry stated “ebook sales are doing well as it a highly-preferred medium for book readers.”





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